The Story

Born in the rural Sweden, but after a range of assignments that have taken him to Milan, London, Stockholm, New York and LA, he's officially a citizen of the world. And, a Creative Director with an open mind and a kaleidoscopic outlook.  

His style embraces it all -- from perfect strategy, to impactful images and beautiful design. His portfolio includes work from some of the world’s foremost fashion and luxury agencies and his network encompasses some of the best talent in the industry. Gucci, Tom Ford, Jil Sander, Tod’s, and Levi’s are just a few examples of his previous assignments.

His craftsmanship is well known throughout the industry and has awarded him accolades at several award-shows, especially for book and editorial design. His work includes books for Bruce Weber, Bob Richardson, Ron Galella, the CFDA and many more.

Gustaf believes his job goes beyond image making, and it shows in his work as an Executive Creative Director in NYC -- and in his “night job” as a singer/songwriter.

“ It takes courage to live your life as a creative person. It is about always finding new roads, about jumping off cliffs and surrendering to the unknown. Whatever you put your mind to, you can do, I truly believe that. And in my life, be it elevating brands, creating beautiful imagery or writing and performing music, it’s always the next step that pushes me forward. The knowledge of something I create might be an inspiration to someone else; that’s inspiring to me.”

Gustaf is passionate, diverse in his skills and a force of energy to his surroundings. Creating strong brands in a 360 spectrum is a given in his job, and he is proud over the craft he has learned over the years; from the degree at The London Institute, to the quick rise at agencies and magazines all over the world, such as Lloyd (+co), Winkreative, SelectNY and more. He is fluent in the world of print, digital, film and photography, a strong leader and loves the social aspect of his job.

“Being a Creative Director is more than a job to me. It’s my life, I love it, and I hope it shows.”

Gustaf Törling lives together with his wife Emelie in Chelsea, New York.



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