Gustaf Törling

Creative Director


Our services are entirely custom tailored; we can offer a complete package, campaign design taken from the planning stages to full realization, or, particular services: consulting, corporate identity development, communication strategies and special projects. Our business style is based on close collaboration with the client and a working network with partner services. Unlike most larger, traditional agencies, we are a small, dynamic core-group with an extensive international network of professional partners. For each project we custom build a team of specialists, drawing from the best available talents: photographers, producers, stylists, PR agents, web designers, casting agents, video teams, POS and visual merchandising specialists, copy writers, postproduction, printers etc. Thus, we are able to secure top-caliber teams for our projects. For larger clients with existing infrastructures, we are also able to work together with in-house art departments, printers or agencies in precisely the manner that is required.

Our networks are the result of Gustaf Törling’s longtime international experience in the fashion and luxury market. He was earlier the Associate Creative Director at Lloyd (+co) in New York, where he worked closely on the identity and marketing of several major brands. Before this he worked with Tyler Brüle at Winkreative, and founded Rodeo Magazine.

Gustaf has worked with the top talents world-wide. Our clients benefit from his extensive contacts within the industry and ability to secure first-rate creative talent. This combination of professionalism and creative quality is the signature of Törling, which produces the results needed to boost sales in today’s market – an exciting and recognizable visual identity.

Some of our areas of expertise:
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Brand identity
Graphic Design
Packaging Design
Photographic Art Direction
Online Services
Direction for PR Services
Fashion consultant
and more